Top Five Sites for Employer Research - Employers beware! :

“Social Engineering” from a political science perspective means influencing society on a large scale. In the world of computers it refers to a collection of techniques used to manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. A new trend has been evolving that business leaders need to consider and that is the use of social media, the ease and pop up of web site businesses and your organizations reputation.

Disgruntled employees, or employees who do not think your organization’s culture is right can now leave full reviews about your company, your management and your CEO on sites like

These sites can then be targeted to prospective job prospects who can decide against applying at such a company. Web sites continue to pop up that allow for the rating of your business prompting the question, just how far can this go?

As our global workforce moves towards “boomer bust” referring to a large section of our population retiring, a war for talent is about to erupt. Savvy employees are now able to search your organizations reputation online and if you have disgruntled ex-employees (and who doesn’t these days”) chances are employee reviews can sway your hard to recruit candidate.

Many of these sites featuring employer reviews typically only require an email address for someone to create an account, meaning anyone can easily create several accounts with several different emails to pose as several different people. Also, sites featuring employer reviews allow for complete anonymity and do not have ways of verifying whether a reviewer actually ever worked for the organization. It could be said the social media has taken organizations’ brands away from them, placing their reputations in the hands- and at the mercy- of the unhappy ex employees. Worse yet, the rise of online employer reviews and the implications that come with it has inspired a brand new business model: positive employer reviews for a fee or pay for praise services. A desperate move for an organization that can further trash its integrity.

So how does an organization mitigate this new landscape and what can leaders do? Savvy Human Resources Professionals and Communication Specialists should partner and think about taking control of the social media experience. By flooding the internet with positive employer reviews, experiences and success stories, it will be difficult for negative media to squeak through. This way when employees are thinking about applying to your organization they are able to see positive employer reviews. Of course, nothing beats being an “Employer of Choice” by adopting a positive employee culture. However harnessing the power of social media can potentially aid in this endeavor keeping negative employee experiences to a minimum.


Top Five Sites for Employer Research