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About Workipedia

Our goal is to provide quality customizable HR documents and business tools because life is too short to create templates from scratch. 

These HR templates represent 25+ years experience in Human Resources across many different sectors. These templates and automated business tools are easily customizable and affordable. 

Our Philosphy is a simple one – get your tool and get out. Workipedia is not interested in collecting your personal data and will not provide your personal data to any third party organizations, or or fill your inbox with promotional emails. There is no subscription fee, which means you get what you are looking for without having to suscribe.

All purchases are confidential. These templates can be customized for your organization and can save you tons of time. Time that can be used to spend more time enjoying life!  If you do not see what you are looking for, please email help@workipedia.ca and I will be sure to build it for you within the week and add to the site. This site will continue to grow and expand, so check back often. 

Thanks for visiting! 




This site is dedicated to the memory of my good friend and HR business partner,  Steven Lyle Plunkett,  who encouraged me to live my dreams and motivated me to get Workipedia started. His vision for HR automation is embedded throughout this site as are his philosophy. We all miss him very much.