Building HR Strategy :

Building HR Strategy

Most organizations have a business strategy. When you create an HR strategy that is aligned with your business goals, values, and vision, you have a powerful roadmap that can ensure the success of your HR program.

There are several tools available to help HR create a good HR strategy. Common tools such as SWOT ANALYSIS, help HR practitioners focus on HR’s internal strengths and weaknesses. Using a swot can be a great way to get your HR team together and begin brainstorming for ideas on building your strategy!

S = Strength

  • What advantages does your HR team have?
  • What does HR do better than anyone else?

W= Weakness

  • What does HR need to improve??
  • What do HR’s customers see as our weaknesses?

O – Opportunties

  • What are HR’s opportuntites?
  • What trends are developing for HR?

T – Threats

  • What obstacles is HR facing?
  • What keeps us from being successful in our profession?

Stay tuned – more strategy tools will be added in the future!